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Mon, 29/11/2010 - 01:32 - Community meeting in the Potato Park, Peru 

More information: biocultural.iied.orgPeru: Community meeting in the Potato Park

Communities may be facing threats to their biocultural heritage from patents, development or conservation initiatives, or gradual erosion and loss. They need to develop practical tools to protect their rights and strengthen the biocultural resources that provide income, food and health security, cultural identity and spiritual well-being. 

Communities can develop their own tools and initiatives to confront these threats and strengthen their biocultural heritage - such as:

  • Community biocultural protocols: to protect rights over TK, genetic resources and biocultural resources, and promote recognition of traditional authorities and customary laws and legal pluralism.

  • Community biocultural registers: to protect rights over TK and genetic resources; and monitor and conserve biocultural resources

  • Biocultural products: to generate income from biocultural resources by adding value to them and tapping markets.

  • Biocultural territories: to assert collective rights to land and bio-cultural resources, and promote strong local economies.

  • Equitable partnerships: to enrich genetic resources and TK, derive equitable benefits from their use and enhance respect for TK systems.