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The Fourth Learning exchange of the International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples, April 2017

05 Dec 2018
This short film provides a glimpse into a 4-day horizontal learning exchange which took place in the Potato Park Peru in April 2017, bringing together representatives of indigenous mountain communities from 11 countries.

This was the 4th meeting of the International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples (INMIP). The film introduces INMIP which uses a ‘walking workshop’ methodology to promote knowledge exchange between mountain communities, with a focus on climate change adaptation, seeds and biocultural heritage.

The Potato Park is a biocultural heritage territory managed by six Quechua communities which conserves rich potato diversity and evolving populations of wild potato species for adaptation to climate change. Participants were trained by Quechua farmers and scientists on how to establish and manage biocultural territories that maintain gene flows between wild and cultivated populations for enhanced resilience to climate change. The film introduces the Potato Park’s work, and provides feedback from participants on the learning exchange.

For more information, read the Declaration of the International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples (INMIP), which outlines the key messages from this meeting.