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Climate Change and Mountain Communities Meeting

14 Sep 2015

This week, from 11-18th September, indigenous mountain farmers from 20 communities in 10 countries are meeting in Tajikistan to assess the impacts of climate change and identify responses needed.

This 'walking workshop' is taking place in 2 remote communities, to enable direct exchange of knowledge between farmers. The role of genetic resource management, community seed banks and seed exchange in enhancing resilience will be explored, along with that of indigenous knowledge, biocultural heritage territories and IK-science linkages. The workshop will develop a Declaration identifying key recommendations for the COP21 agreement. It will include a dialogue on Farmers' Rights with the FAO Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, ahead of the 6th Governing Body meeting (5-9 October 2015). It is being organised by ANDES (Peru) and IIED, in collaboration with the Mountain Society Development Support Programme in Tajikistan.