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COP15 should protect mountain landscapes, and the Indigenous Peoples and local communities governing them

29 Nov 2022

Mountains crucial to halting nature loss and addressing climate change. For millennia, Indigenous and traditional peoples’ cultural and spiritual values and traditional knowledge have played a crucial role in conserving and enhancing biodiversity in mountain landscapes.

COP27: vital but at-risk IPLC landscapes urgently need more climate finance

Krystyna Swiderska and Alejandro Argumedo
08 Nov 2022

Traditional landscapes conserved by Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPLCs) across different ecosystems sustain vital ecosystem services and can deliver large-scale emission reductions. Yet despite being highly vulnerable to climate impacts, IPLCs still receive only a tiny fraction of climate aid. COP27 must provide urgent financial support to IPLC-governed organisations to protect these vital but threatened landscapes.


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