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Biocultural heritage features on environment podcast

23 Aug 2019
Biocultural heritage and indigenous people's capacity for climate adaption were highlighted in the latest Green Heritage Futures podcast, a digital audio programme that focuses on cultural heritage and climate change.

The Green Heritage podcast is a monthly audio show that interviews people working at the intersection of cultural heritage and climate change. The latest episode featured an interview with IIED principal researcher Krystyna Swiderska and focused on biocultural heritage.

Swiderska is currently leading a British Academy-funded project on indigenous biocultural heritage. The project aims to support the development of biocultural heritage territories and to integrate concepts of wellbeing held by indigenous peoples into the Sustainable Development Goals.

In the podcast Swiderska said that indigenous communities had centuries of accumulated wisdom of living sustainably within their natural environments. She highlighted the critical role played by indigenous people in conserving crop and livestock biodiversity – potentially a vital resource for future climate change adaptation.

The Green Heritage Futures podcast is designed to highlight the importance of protecting cultural heritage in the face of climate change. The series is produced by Julie’s Bicycle, a UK charity that supports the creative community to act on climate change and environmental sustainability.

Listen to the interview below, download it via podcast platforms, or visit the podcast web page.